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We create timeless processes

BIM is first digital construction technology, which will soon achieve global reach and will be present in every country in the world. In Poland we are the pioneers of process approach to investment, basing of the technology which we implement in various investment processes. We believe that this is the most innovative solution that allows you to easily identify the opportunities and threats in each area: from design, through construction, to facility management.

Building information modeling (BIM) is a combination of the achievements of science and technology, using ArchiCAD software, but also an efficient process of connecting technology and people, based on efficient management and communication. We implement BIM process in its various stages, that’s why we can indicate the value added in each investment.

Process based on people

The most important pillar of each process are people – their skills, talents, experience and abilities. They are also pillar of BIM. It’s people that strive to achieve the objective of the project and on them is based implementation of each step of the process. That’s why we provide the right amount of training, support, mentoring and expertise. We believe that it’s the key to long term success in the implementation of the BIM process.

We use the latest technologies

We offer proper, tailored to customer needs set of tools used for efficient service of BIM models. Processes, hardware, software, storage and exchange of data must be properly configured, continuously monitored and, if necessary, redefined and adapted to changing circumstances, standards and design parameters.


We know the problems of the industry

Greater efficiency increases the need for cooperation between the project partners. For this purpose, we make fundamental changes in the way the common organization of knowledge, its transmission, delivery and management. Already in the first stage we focus on defining appropriate business objectives for the construction project in the BIM process.

We apply clear rules

We believe that transparent principles should form the basis for elaborating 3D, 4D and 5D models and their exchange. We define detailed guidance on projects and orders already in the early stages of the planning process. We focus on clearly defined standards and inform customers about it.


We invite to cooperation companies, that want to take on new challenges by combining passion and new technologies. We look forward to the exchange of experiences and mutual benefits.



Execution of inventory „Krańcówki”- Former tram station in Łódź for Łódź Chamber of Architects

Execution of inventory wooden church in Tur for the Regional Office for the Protection of Monuments in Łódź

Execution of inventory field stairs near the Palace of the Warsaw Agricultural University for KB – Structural Projects

Performing an inventory of the exterior of the Tower Príncipe in Siedlęcin for the Institute of Archaeology of the Jagiellonian University