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3D scanning | BIM modeling | support with BIM processes

We are a dynamic team of engineers and architects working with investors, design studios and general contractors supporting their work and creating new quality on the demanding market of construction processes.


BIM modeling

The result of our work is building information modeling (BIM), which is the basis for a coherent technical documentation, as well as a database directly used for design and facility management.


BIM support

We support investors, general contractors and designers at every stage of investment process. We share our knowledge and experience by implementing solutions that will optimize operations and costs of investments.

BIM on the site

Throughout the duration of the construction, we can track and document the status of implementation and make changes in the BIM model. In this way, after the completion of the work, the investor receives BIM model of the current state, which is an exact replica of the existing building.

BIM after execution

Most of the information from the BIM model can be used in the facility management. We prepare the FM system to match the needs of the customer. Facility management model using BIM is a cost-effective investment.