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Why we stand out

Team of experts.
In listening

Being a specialist does not entitle you to use geek jargon only. In BIM Point, we keep it as simple as possible because this is how we understand the idea of partnership. Speaking your language is essential for our efforts to help you feel in control and on top of things. Without mutual trust we would not be able to solve real problems and significantly improve projects.

Our customers learn to perceive BIM as a transparent cycle of data management and exchange embedded in a wider framework. We encourage them to see it as an interoperable communication platform rather than limited set of tools and procedures used for internal purpose. BIM is to serve people and not the other way round. The rational, sustainable and profitable environmental transformation is in our common interest: this is how we define a successful undertaking.

We are not stingy with our knowledge. We believe that to achieve project goals all the stakeholders have to be equally committed, no matter the software they use and a role they play in the process. This is why we collaborate with buildingSMART promoting worldwide standardization of BIM solutions through ISO-certified openBIM approach.

Open technology for everyone:
this is our motto.