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Customers' success stories

What’s the case? A case study

Considering the challenges our customers unsuccessfully struggled with yet in the recent past, it is hard to believe that the construction industry has waited that long for the digital and big data transition. However, out-of-date and scattered technical documentations, duplicating design mistakes, schedule delays and never-ending spending increases are still cause for concern for many architects, engineers, general contractors and their subcontractors, but in the first place, for investors and facility owners. The proper use of BIM can make things better.

People usually don’t like to talk their weak points out loud but in BIM Point we have always meant to satisfy real needs, not to create them. Dealing with more and more demanding and complex 3D scanning and modeling projects enabled us to grow up with our customers’ success stories… Today, after years of practice, we share our technical knowledge as consultants. We help businesses like yours: implement solutions, integrate systems, adapt tenders to BIM requirements, standardize and improve procedures.

It is your turn to maximize your benefits using BIM. Take a look at how our customers tackled their problems and find out about the measurable results of our collaboration.


BIM services for reconstruction and refurbishment

The most prominent Polish developers investing in adaptive reuse projects


BIM implementation for general contractor

The largest general contractors in Poland


BIM tools implementation in design phase

Multidisciplinary architectural and engineering design firms


BIM implementation in tendering process

Waste collection and management companies


BIM standardization for electric power infrastructure

State-owned transmission system operator


BIM execution plan in realization of investment

General contractors with specialized scope of services

Zespół budynków

BIM support in realization of investment

Renowned architectural firms with many years of market experience


BIM post-handover and FM inventory

The biggest operators of warehouses and large-scale commercial properties

Zabytki UNESCO

BIM models of heritage buildings for scientific purposes

Famous museums and UNESCO World Heritage sites (such as Grand Master’s Palace in Malbork, Dominican Monastery in Dubrovnik)